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Resistors Accessories

Resistors are two-terminal electronic components made of resistive materials with a certain structural form that can limit the flow of current in a circuit. The resistance value of a resistance element is generally dependent on temperature, material, length, and cross-sectional area. The physical measurement of resistance affected by temperature is the temperature coefficient. The resistor is generally used to regulate and stabilize the current and voltage in the circuit. According to the circuit requirements, resistors can also be used to amplify the circuit negative feedback or positive feedback, voltage-current conversion, input overload voltage or current protection elements.

Lighting Protection

Lightning protection is fire pro- tection through the avoidance of sparks and fire if there is a lightning strike. Surge protection is fire protection through the avoid- ance of short circuits if there is a lightning strike.

LEDs - Spacers, Standoffs

LED Standoffs (or LED Spacers) are cylindrical shaped, insulated body components that act as stable, protected bases to mount LEDs in. LED Standoffs are useful in applications that can protect the LED's leads during board assembly, then support and space LED's the proper desired distance from your chassis.

Encoders substitute

The encoder converts angular displacement or linear displacement into electrical signal, the former is called the code disc, the latter is called the code ruler. Encoder compiles and converts signals (such as bit streams) or data into the form of signals that can be used for communication, transmission and storage. According to the readout mode, the encoder can be divided into contact type and non-contact type. According to the working principle, encoders can be divided into incremental type and absolute type.

Safety Relays

Safety relays are used to reduce risk: when a fault occurs and when detection zones are violated, they initiate a safe, reliable response. Safety relays are encountered in almost every area of mechanical engineering, mainly where the number of safety functions is quite manageable.

Reed Relays

Reed relays contain a reed switch, a coil for creating a magnetic field, an optional diode for handling back EMF from the coil, a package and a method of connecting the reed switch and the coil to the outside of the package. The reed switch is a simple device and relatively low cost to manufacture.

High Frequency (RF) Relays

High frequency relays are relays that transmit and switch RF signals without distortion. Hongfa's high frequency relays have excellent RF characteristics, small size, multiple coil specifications, wide range of ambient temperature.

Contactors (Electromechanical)

A contactor is an electrical device that is widely used for switching circuits on and off. As such, electrical contactors form a subcategory of electromagnetic switches known as relays. A relay is an electrically operated switching device that uses an electromagnetic coil to open and close a set of contacts.

I/O Relay Modules - Input

The relay modules are electronic control devices with control ladders and controlled systems. It is generally used in automatic control circuits. It is actually a small current to control the larger current of an automatic switch, so in the circuit plays the role of automatic scheduling, security protection, conversion circuit.

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