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WIN SOURCE is a fortress that not only stands strong but also ushers in rapid access to safety stockpiles, a one-way ticket to smoothing out procurement problems, and a farewell to traveling the world for components thanks to its armory of real-time product insights and round-the-clock assistance. The company has a clear objective in digital retail: to raise the standard of exceptional customer service. The strategy employed by WIN SOURCE, which seamlessly combines sophisticated search and e-procurement functions, is grounded in the idea that the consumer comes first.  

There is, however, one additional aspect. WIN SOURCE is pleased to introduce its Value-Added Services team, a group of seasoned professionals skilled in tape and reeling, complicated component programming, and the exquisite craft of bespoke manufacturing solutions. Imagine a symphony of skills performed by master technicians, supported by both SMTA and IPC within electrostatic discharge (ESD) certified warehouses, as orchestrated by this company.

WIN SOURCE is meticulously amassing electronic components through refined procedures, first-rate services, diverse portfolios, intellectual investments, and expanding business globally. With an entrepreneurial spirit fueled by innovation, this company endeavors to amaze customers with precise services, frictionless ordering, and excellent timing, similar to a time-keeping metronome.

Corporate Story


Prototype -- Open first retail and offline shop in Shenzhen


Maturity -- Providing complete supply chain services to local Fortune 500 companies


Expansion -- Enter into international markets on a large scale


Transition -- Establish the largest global online store with a large selection of electronic components in Asia Pacific


Steady Progress -- Full expansion of international divisions and establishment of localised global business units


Rapid Growth-- WIN SOURCE sales reached a new high of $389 million on 2021


2022 Top Asia Pacific Distributor - Ranked #2 in SourceToday's Top 10 Electronic Component Distributors in Asia with sales of more than $613 million


2023 Top Electronic Component Distributors in the World -- Ranked #18 of The Top electronic component distributor in the world, on SourceToday's Top 50 Electronic Component Distributors list


WIN SOURCE provides competitive pricing and efficient procurement through its multiple warehouses. It caters to component shortages, obsolescence, and common needs, focusing on customer satisfaction. Its advanced e-procurement engine, expert team, and vast 1M+ component inventory ensure quality service. They exclusively offer genuine, original inventory via careful selection and self-testing for authenticity.

Our advantage

  • 1

    Vast Inventory

    WIN SOURCE offers a vast selection of electronic components in its inventory, ensuring timely access to essential parts, minimizing production interruptions, and facilitating streamlined supply chain operations for enhanced efficiency.

  • 2

    Global Network

    With a well-established global network, WIN SOURCE can source and deliver electronic components from diverse suppliers worldwide, providing you access to a wide range of products and competitive pricing.

  • 3

    Market Intelligence

    WIN SOURCE leverages profound market insights, equipping you with crucial data and trends. This enables well-informed decisions in a dynamic industry, ultimately fine-tuning your procurement strategies for optimal outcomes.

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    Customer-centric Approach

    WIN SOURCE places customer satisfaction at the forefront. The company offers customized support, flexible solutions, and responsive service to meet unique needs, fostering lasting and collaborative relationships.


With 24 years of experience in the global electronics market, WIN SOURCE is committed to ensuring that your supply chain operates efficiently. With its expertise and precise matchmaking capabilities, WIN SOURCE helps you to successfully source and supply electronic products, supporting your business success.



Online Store: win-source.net