Obsolete Management

Effortlessly conquer hurdles of becoming obsolete with seamless adaptation

Obsolete Management

Effectively managing scarcity necessitates the implementation of adaptable procurement methods and agile strategies. These approaches ensure optimal resource allocation and enhance resilience when facing challenging supply chain constraints.

How We Help
  • WIN SOURCE provides custom supply chain analytics
  • Prioritize tangible outcomes to satisfy clients effectively
  • Strategically mitigate financial and brand equity risks
  • WIN SOURCE offers obsolescence management insights to secure quality parts

What We Do

WIN SOURCE provides valuable obsolescence support, facilitating effective management of product lifecycle changes by aiding in strategic planning and creating necessary buffers.


With 24 years of experience in the global electronics market, WIN SOURCE is committed to ensuring that your supply chain operates efficiently. With its expertise and precise matchmaking capabilities, WIN SOURCE helps you to successfully source and supply electronic products, supporting your business success.



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