WIN SOURCE Supports TCF-USA to Aid Underprivileged Children in Pakistan


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【May 31, 2024】As a globally renowned distributor of electronic components, WIN SOURCE is committed to empowering communities through education. We are proud to announce our partnership with The Citizens Foundation, USA (TCF-USA), supporting their educational initiatives. Our sponsorship will fund a classroom that can accommodate 35-40 children, providing them with a conducive environment for learning and growth.

TCF-USA is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing society through education. Compared to its parent organization’s extensive educational network in Pakistan, TCF-USA focuses on increasing awareness and support for Pakistani educational programs in the USA. Through fundraising and advocacy, TCF-USA helps expand the educational reach of the TCF headquarters. To date, TCF-USA has supported the establishment and operation of 249 primary and secondary schools in Pakistan, enrolling over 65,000 boys and girls and offering them educational opportunities. These schools employ female teachers, ensuring a gender-equal learning environment.

We understand the importance of providing quality education to underprivileged children. By sponsoring a TCF-USA classroom, we hope to contribute to the comprehensive development of these children, equipping them with the knowledge and skills for a brighter future. We believe that education has the power to change lives, and every educated child can positively impact society.

To express gratitude for our sponsorship, a plaque bearing WIN SOURCE’s information will be placed outside the classroom, symbolizing our continuous support for education and commitment to improving the educational environment for children in collaboration with TCF-USA.

We encourage other organizations and individuals to join us in supporting the mission of TCF-USA. Together, we can create a positive domino effect through education, promoting a better world. Education is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about laying the foundation for the future, giving every child the opportunity to reach their potential.

As a leading distributor of electronic components, WIN SOURCE is dedicated to innovation, quality, and community support. We proudly go beyond our business scope, investing resources and effort to contribute to global community education and welfare. Our goal is to bring about positive change through ongoing social responsibility activities.

TCF-USA excels not only in basic education but also in enhancing overall social welfare through various community projects. TCF’s “Aagahi Program” focuses on adult literacy, especially for women who could not access education during their upbringing due to economic reasons. This program teaches them reading and writing skills and includes basic financial knowledge and life skills, significantly improving their quality of life and autonomy.

Additionally, TCF actively participates in community development projects such as installing water purification systems and providing vocational training at school locations, expanding economic opportunities for women. These projects not only improve the living conditions of the community but also enhance the residents’ self-sufficiency and economic independence.

WIN SOURCE values these community development projects because we believe that only through comprehensive educational support and community development can we truly achieve long-term societal progress and prosperity, bringing hope and change to more children and families.



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